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Simon Says Stamp - Vibrant Floral Cards Using Embossing Folders and Chalk Pastel Pencils

Red embossed Christmas Card with All The Joy sentiment.

Hello Lovelies! Several weeks ago, I saw a stunner of a card by @vsjoey on Instagram that inspired my to try his technique of using Chalk Pastel Pencils to color embossed designs. It's been a while since I've tried something new that I really had fun with and though this may not be for everyone, it will definitely be a favorite technique for me. thank you Joey!

In today's card, we will use some recently released Simon Says Stamp Embossing Folders to create our floral patterns on colored cardstock and then color those designs with Chalk Pastel Pencils. To finish, we will add some of my favorite statement die-cuts in contrasting colors to stand out against our pretty florals.

Red pink and purple All the Joy Christmas card with birds and holly leaves

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Simon Says Stamp All The Joy Card and Craft Samples


Notes on Chalk Pastel Pencils

There are three additional key components for success with this technique - pencils, eraser, fixative.

CHALK PASTEL PENCILS: Chalk Pastels are ideal here as they lay down generous amounts of pigment without need for layering to achieve opacity on top of colored cardstock. I used Stabilo Carbothello Chalk Pastel Pencils, I am showing the color range and package below. You can consider Kalour Pro Pastel Chalk Colored Pencils, Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils or any other widely available brand.

KNEADED ERASER: Please note that the pigment is dusty, powdery and easy to smear, so you will want to be careful about moving the colors around and touching your embossed design as you color, the kneaded eraser I recommended above works magic on cleaning up any oopsies!

FIXATIVE: Finally, you will need a fixative and a mask to spray your colored design when complete. The fixative "binds" the pigment to the paper and leaves you with a finished piece that won't transfer or smear color. I used Krylon Workable Fixative.


NOTE: You may try to achieve this look with colored Pencils like Prismacolor Premiere Soft Core or Faber Castell Polychromos, but it may require more layering of color to achieve opacity against the colored cardstock .


Today's GIF!

Yes, I am sucker for flowers!

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EMBOSSED FLORAL CARDS - Embossing, Pastel Chalk Coloring, Die-cutting

Card Base: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

Red pink and purple All the Joy Christmas card with birds and holly leaves


Card Highlights





Love You

Kraft (Lawn Fawn)

Floating Flowers


Sea Glass (SSS)

Chelsea Floral

Feel Better Soon

Sunshine (SSS)

Beaufort Floral Frame

Trim the selected cardstock colors to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" emboss using the appropriate folder as shown in the example below.


This will sound strange but the specific colors that I used don't matter, just try to choose similar tones from the set that you have or try an entirely different color palette.

Use the lighter color to outline the flower petals and create a visual guide about where you want to fill in with coor. Use the darker color for the center of the flower and some of the "ridges" of the petals.

Fill in the petal with the lighter color and repeat the process for all the other flowers.

For the leaves I used 3 greens - 2 yellow greens (1 dark and 1 light) and 1 green-blue. The yellow-greens are used on the "pointy" leaves and all the greens are used on the "curly" leaves.

NOTE: The chalk pigment is powdery and some may spread to areas that you do not intend to color, use the kneaded eraser to gently pick that up/rub it away.



Once you are finished coloring each embossed panel, lightly spray with the Krylon Workable Fixative (or similar) in an open area with any nearby surfaces protected and while wearing a mask. I did this outside with the panels on paper towel and let dry for 15 minutes before handling again to finish the cards.


  1. Die-cut each sentiment twice

  2. Layer and adhere each sentiment with craft glue to create dimension

  3. Adhere the sentiment with craft glue as shown.







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