Honey Bee Stamps - Quatrefoil Rainbow Cards

I'm pretty lazy so usually I avoid things that involve paper-piecing and fussy-cutting! However, Honey Bee Stamps' Quatrefoil A2 Cover Plate (Top) is too perfect to not try this simple and fun way to use a rainbow of your cardstock scraps.

These simple cards are based on two key elements a colorful die-cut base and a bold stacked sentiment. They are easy but I would put these in the slow-cooker category vs. stir-fry in terms of the time commitment. Sometimes I shy away from cards that take a while as I'm also impatient, but I found this very relaxing and all in, this took me about 2 hours to complete both cards.

A full supply list is at the bottom of this post, but I'd like to highlight a few key items now.

  • Honey Bee Quatrefoil A2 Cover Plate TOP

  • Honey Bee Smooch Stamp Set

  • Honey Bee Smooch Dies

  • Honey Bee Adore Stamp Set

  • Honey Bee Adore Dies

Now that you have your supplies, let's make some cards!


Making the Background

  1. Die-cut two pieces of white cardstock (A2 Size - 4.25" x 5.50") using the Quatrefoil A2 Top Cover Plate. (I'll refer to this as the Grid in subsequent steps)

  2. Select two more A2-sized pieces of cardstock and run each through a Xyron Sticker Machine to apply adhesive or adhere Therm-O-Web Double-Sided Adhesive sheets to one side of your cardstock. (I'll refer to this as the Base in subsequent steps)

  3. Align and adhere the Grid onto the sticky side of your Base.

  4. Gather your scraps and pick six colors for each card back-ground. I cut my scraps to about ~1.50" x 4.25" strips. (I gravitate to bold color, but this design would look great in pastels or neutrals)

  5. Position each strip at staggered intervals on the Quatrefoil A2 Top Cover Plate and cut each color individually and immediately place your "cut-out pieces" into your Grid.