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It's the Little Things...Mini Ink Pad Storage

I resisted purchasing mini ink pads for a really long time as I could not see why they would be useful to me, since I already owned the larger size of the ink pads.

I eventually figured that out - portable, better sized for certain stamping techniques and inexpensive, so you can satisfy your full set syndrome. Once I got them, I needed a storage solution and want to share with you what I found to be the best option for me:

This is what happens when you spend the night scouring the internet for solutions to your storage problems. I did consider the Ranger Mini Distress Ink Storage Tin, but wanted to cram more pads into a single container. The container I ultimately chose is the Darice 1157-11 No Spill Organizer and it is intended for bead/jewelry storage, but it is a great fit for the mini pads.

Each case holds 30 mini ink pads and 42 foam pads and measures 13.7" x 8.6" x 1.37"

I also picked up the tip to store the corresponding mini ink foam pads in the recess beneath the ink pad. Love this little trick the most! For my Distress Ink pads, since I later got Mini Ink Blending Tools for each of the Distress Ink colors (see post), I now store foam pads on the appropriate tool. I do keep duplicates in this box for when I am crafting on-the-go and can't bring all the blending tools with me.

At US $6.70 for a pack of 20 Mini Ink Blending Foam Pads, they are relatively inexpensive and can allow you the flexibility having foam pads for all your ink colors. I can be hard on my tools and I find that these will put up with a lot of abuse.

Mini Ink Pad Storage (Darice 1157-11 No Spill Organizer)


  • Inexpensive

  • Case stores and organizes 30 ink colors in a single case

  • Plastic case cleans up easily

  • Lightweight and portable for on the go Crafting

  • durable, closure maintains its "snap" after many openings and closings

  • versatile; can be used for other purposes if you no longer need it for your inks


  • Larger footprint than some may find convenient for their storage needs

  • Occasionally, ink pad covers may shift as you move the box. If left unchecked this can cause the ink to dry out ink over a extended period of time

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you if you are searching for a storage solution for your mini ink pads.

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