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Glitter Everywhere...A Peek Inside the PaperMint

I feel guilty sometimes for being as fond of organizing things as I am of making them. Though there are lots of open storage areas in my craft room, I love all of the drawers that allow me to tuck some of my supplies away.  From time to time I plan to post photos of some of these concealed areas to share more about how my craft room is set up.  Hopefully as you are organizing your own space, this can help or inspire you, or confirm for you what NOT to do! 😅

Organizing and creating, not necessarily in that order relieve stress and bring me a sense of accomplishment. One of my favorite drawers is one labeled “Glitter ‘N Bits”. 

It holds loose glitter, glitter glue, a few sequins, glass beads and an array of jewels, buttons, brads and other small adornments. 

After I designed the layout of the drawer insert l, the wonderful folks at Stamp N Storage made it to perfection!  This drawer is located to the top left of where I sit at the island allowing me very easy access. 

Towards the front, is a quadrant of small cubbies that store the “Bits” - buttons, brads, jewels and other small embellishments separated into four color groupings. 

Adjacent is my collection of fine glitters in mini salt shakers. This is what happens when you spend too much time on Pinterest!  

Behind all of that is a collection of Martha Stewart glitter, microbeads, stars and hearts in a rainbow of colors; I even found space to squeeze in some colorful TicTac containers from Queen and Company filled with a variety of sequins. 

Towards the back are additional colors of that glitter, beads and finally some glitter glue. With all this color I think my craftroom mascot should be a unicorn instead of a bunny. 

When I’m looking for that final little bit of pop on a project, all these items are very close to hand to finish off with a touch of bling!

Thanks for looking!

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