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Simon Says Stamp - LITTLE BANNER BASICS Card

Red embossed Christmas Card with All The Joy sentiment.

Hello Lovelies! I have a feeling that I'm going to be using this adorable Little Banner Basics Die Set by CZ Design a lot. Part of Simon Says Stamp's Sunny Vibes release, they easily create small versatile sentiments that I can use on many of my cards, especially when I am feeling lazing about stamping!

Usually, I try to resist my natural urge to "rainbow" everything, but here I went for it, with a rainbow-stenciled Tin Roof pattern on the card front and then topped with a trio of ink-blended banners.

Red pink and purple All the Joy Christmas card with birds and holly leaves

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Simon Says Stamp All The Joy Card and Craft Samples

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LITTLE BANNER BASICS CARD - Stenciling, Ink-Blending and Die-cutting

Card Base: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

Red pink and purple All the Joy Christmas card with birds and holly leaves



Our rainbow will be made out of these three "primary" colors. I chose a pink and a turquoise as this will give us a "brighter" rainbow, which is perfect for our cheery card!




  1. Adhere (the mat is sticky, don't apply glue :-) ) a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" piece of white cardstock to a Stamp and Stencil Mat.

  2. Secure the Tin Roof Stencil over the cardstock, with a little painter's tape to hold in place if needed.

  3. Starting fron the top right, using a large blending brush, ink-blend peony ink diagonally across about 1/3rd of the cardstock.

  4. Blend Surf ink over some of the Peony ink on the top right to creat purple.

  5. Ink blend Sunbeam ink over the "middle" diagonal section of the Peony to create an orange gradient.

  6. Continue the gradient with overlapping the Sunbeam ink-blending with Surf ink to transition to green and then be sure to finish with just the surf. Rainbow done!



  1. Trim 3 strips of white cardstock to 1 1/2" x 4".

  2. Use medium blending brushes like the Rainbow Splash brush, to ink-blend two colors as follows:

    1. Purple/Pink Strip: Ink-blend Peony all over one strip, then blend Surf over the Peony on the left side

    2. Orange/Yellow Strip: Ink-blend Sunbeam all over one strip, then blend Peony over the Sunbeam on the left side

    3. Green/Blue Strip: Ink-blend Surf all over one strip, then blend Sunbeam over the Surf on the left side

  3. Run the "sandwich" of parchment paper, foil and strips through the heated laminator.

  4. Remove foil from Strips and trim the selected strip if neeeded.



  1. Trim the stenciled Tin Roof pattern as shown to 4" x 5 1/4".

  2. Apply Foam Tape to the back of Tin Roof pattern card front.

  3. Trim Silver Holographic cardstock to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

  4. Apply Tin Roof pattern card front to the Silver Holographic cardstock panel.

  5. Adhere the sentiments to the Tin Roof pattern card front with craft glue.

  6. Adhere selected Mermaid Tail sequins with craft glue to embellish and complete the card.


I never get tired of doling this rainbow blend and those Mermaid Sequins are a good fit for these colors!

The holographic cardstock add a little sheen that the sequins echo and I hope this gives you a great view of those awsome banners.

If rainbows aren't your thing, try re-imagining this in another palette!

Thank you SO much for stopping by! Drop me a comment and say hi!



I listed the products that I have used below. Please note that these are compensated affiliate links, used at no cost to you. I really appreciate your support. All stamps used today were part of my Sunny Vibes maker package from Simon Says Stamp. Click on the icons below each product picture to shop with

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