Spring Cleaning = Garage Sale!!!  (UPDATED)

For too many weeks now I have been going through my supplies and trying to figure out what I would let go of and I am finally finished.  I know it’s weird to be happy about letting go of mostly new unused items, but I am!!!

It’s liberating!  I fall in love with so many things and don’t always have the time to use them all 😅, but I am confident that another crafter will.  I will host my 2nd Crafting Garage Sale in two weeks, details below. 

Pictures posted below of some of the items listed for sale. 


Date: May 5, 2018 

Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Where: Brookstone Subdivision

              Acworth, Georgia USA

(email me at keishadiann@mac.com for specific address if interested)


Will be marked on items

Will start as low as $0.50 for some items

Many items will be priced at $1 or $2

Cricut Machines will be $25 or $30

Bundles start at $5

12 x 12 Paper Pads for $1 will be available 

Scrapbooking Collection packs will start as low as $5

Photos (some of the items)