My Field of Dreams: A Photo-tour of The PaperMint Crafting Studio


Without the unwavering support and patience of my beloved hubby none of this would be possible.

I dreamed every crafting dream and got pretty far down my wishlist of awesome crafting space ideas and below are pictures of my new craftroom, completed last summer.

My BFF Nerissa Jemmotte (Cadeom, Architectural Consultancy Services), Artisan Custom Closets (Vicky Remole and Rachel Barich) and Stamp n Storage (Brett Haugen) helped me bring my vision to life over three months in summer 2013. My builder Alex Bite, oversaw the project and every nervous breakdown I had during construction, I can't thank each of these project partners enough for their contributions.

This will be an intensely image-rich post, with just captions on the photos. If you want to read me blathering on about how I got here, check out the post entitled, "The PaperMint Studio Story - Lessons Learned". Anywho, enough talking, let's get to the pics!

1. The Studio from the Outside Door

The PaperMint Studio

2. The Studio from My Workstation

3. The Studio from the Guest/Student Workstations

4. The "Computer/Crafting" Hub

5. Managed to Squeeze a TV into the Corner

6. A Couple of Views of the Paper and Ink Station

Markers, Ink Pads, Ink Refills

8.5 x 11 paper

12 x 12 paper

7. Ribbon Station #1

8. Ribbon Station #2

9. Ribbon Station Close-up

10. Punch Station

11. Punch Station Close-up

12. Pretty punches all in a row - Can you say OCD?

13. Back at the Crafting Hub