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Bold Colors for Christmas with Stencils and Die-cuts

Red and green are delightful, but I often find myself drawn to non-traditional colors for Christmas.

I couldn't really tell you what made me want to do a pink, orange and yellow holiday card, but I think it worked out okay.

I can see that stencils are going to become a favorite for me. They produce wonderful results with relatively little effort. This fun circle-pattern stencil is by Vicki Boutin. My go-to ink for blending is Tim Holtz Distress Ink, I love the way the colors melt into one another; for this card I chose:

Worn Lipstick

Picked Raspberry

Spiced Marmalade

Mustard Seed

Quick Tip: secure your paper to your work surface with washi tape, position your stencil on top of your paper and then also tape your stencil down so that you get crisp, clean results when applying your colors or other media

With a such a vibrant background, putting together the rest of this unusual card is relatively easy with Joyful Noel die-cut letters overlaid with the Joyful Noel wreath stamp, all from Concord & 9th.

For the finishing touch, I outlined the die-cut letters so that they were well-defined against a busy background.

I hope that you are enjoying your holiday crafting as much as I am.


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