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Simon Says Stamp - Pawsitively Saturated Inks, New Colors, November 2021

After launching with 15 inks during STAMPtember 2021, I did not expect Simon Says Stamp Handmade Holiday release to gift us with another 15 in November!

As you may have noticed, these inks come in trios that work just as beautifully for layering as they do for blending. In today's post, I am focusing on how beautifully the inks blend wishin their trios.

There are 5 gorgeous Trios, each available for $19.99 or you can get the entire bundle of 15 ink pads for $99.99! Click image above, links below or browse the supplies gallery at the end of the post to shop!

When I lasted posted about Simon Says Stamp's NEW Pawsitively Saturated Inks, I recommended you consider Simon Says Stamp Blending Brushes in large and/or small sizes and now I will get a chance to show you what they can do when blending the ink trios!

There's also a handy new Holder for the blending brushes if you'd like to store them like this... :-)

Though, I won't share cards today, but I will show you:

  1. Ink swatches of the 15 new colors together

  2. An Ink Trio Blending Swatch for each of the new 5 Trios

  3. Pawsitively Saturated Ink Swatch Rainbow - of all 30 colors (as of this post)

Supplies at the end of this post so you can try this too if you like!


In the previous post I did when the Pawsitively Saturated Inks first launched I reviewed 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO NOW ABOUT THE NEW PAWSITIVELY SATURATED INK PADS. Today we will just focus on the pretty inks when swatched individually and blended, please check the prior post if you want to delve into observations/information about the inks.


Trio 6 - Bubblegum, Sweets, Taffy

Trio 7 - Marine, Cadette, Royal

Trio 8 - Sprout, Fairway, Field

Trio 9 - Melon, Cantaloupe, Sherbet

Trio 10 - Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha

I created these swatches by gently swiping the ink pad across the surface of the diecut tag from top to bottom until all the paper is inked. The foam surface of the pad is resilient, but you should treat it kindly. :-)

If you tend to be a bit more heavy-handed, I recommend using your Blending Brush to apply the ink.

A label maker with 0.25" label tape was used to create the labels.



Blending brushes are highly recommended here, start with the lightest color working your way downward in 1/3rds allowing the colors to overlap one into the other.

If you try this, you will be surprised about how little effort this requires, the Pawsitively Saturated Inks seem to melt into one another for a smooth blending effect.


This has me thinking of clear skies and the ocean... :-)


These are my favorite kind of greens, vibrant and bold!


I must have a warm place in my heart for that Melon color as I went a little more that a 1/3 of the way down on the tag with it! :-)


The colors here are a coffee-lovers dream!




I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you are wondering if I am going to get excited about new ink colors every time....yes, yes I am? Hope you enjoyed the pretty views Lovelies! Tell me all about it in the comments.

I'm off to make some ink-blended goodies with my new treasures!

See you soon!



I listed the products that I have used below WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE INKS WHICH ARE ONLY LINKED AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST. Please note that these are compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. I really appreciate your support. The Pawsitively Saturated Ink Bundle was generously sent to me by the amazing team at Simon Says Stamp. Click on the icons below each product picture to shop with


Beautiful colors and your craft space is beyond amazing!!! I am not complaining about mine but yours is just next-level gorgeous.

Keisha Diann
Keisha Diann
Dec 28, 2021
Replying to

😂😂😂. Thank you Terri!


All those beautiful colors make me so happy Keisha.Great to see the swatches and the blending brushes in their storage. Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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